Stop Website Frustration with Reader View

Do you get frustrated by how hard it can be to read a website article on your iPhone or iPad?  All the ads, pop ups, side bar scrolling of stuff I think I WANT but don’t NEED to buy, it’s crazy!  Well there’s a quick way to end that frustration, start using Reader View. No more ads for vacuum cleaners moving on the screen when you’re busy trying to look at cute kitten photos.  My cats gave permission to use their photos.  I did have to pay them with a treat. Reader View:  What is it? When I hear the word … Continue reading Stop Website Frustration with Reader View

My Phone is Acting Crazy!

We love ❤️ our phones when they do what we want, but when they don’t 😳 YIKES! I’m sure you’ve picked up your phone and tried to text, email, or make a call and it just acts like you’re a COMPLETE STRANGER! What’s going on here? Crazy Phone Syndrome I just made up crazy phone syndrome, but if you think about how hard our phones are working, it’s no wonder they don’t lose it now and then!  So when they act crazy 🤪📱 it’s most likely a data overload. How to Fix Crazy Phone Syndrome Most, if not all, crazy phone … Continue reading My Phone is Acting Crazy!

Photos Can Help with Memory

Memory is a funny thing.  Where did I park the car at the mall?  What door did I come through?  Ok, this only happened to me twice, but that was enough.  Never again will I have Mall Security drive me around looking for my car. 🚗 Wondering how can photos help with your memory?  Start taking photos of everything.  It’s easy, fun, and doesn’t cost a thing.  Here is my favorite example of how I use photos to help me daily. Photos and Shopping Think back to your last shopping trip.  Maybe you’re at the mall shopping for a pair … Continue reading Photos Can Help with Memory

Where’s my iPhone?

Have you ever “lost” your phone in the house or car? I was just using it and now I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE! Apple Watch ⌚️ to the rescue! Yes-you read that right. The watch can help you find your phone. I use this more than I should say and it has saved me from looking all over the house or car for my phone. You can do this even when your phone is on silent!  Let me show you how. How to Find Your Phone While wearing your watch, bring your wrist up to show the display.  Using a … Continue reading Where’s my iPhone?

Calculator Tip

What do you do if you enter the wrong number while using a calculator app? Deleting all the numbers has been the common practice, until today!  Try this trick that I just found late last year! I entered 12,346 instead of 12,345.  Touch on the last number entered and swipe left. The number should disappear allowing you to enter the correct number. Note:  This tip should apply to any calculator app that doesn’t have a “back” or “delete” key. What’s Next? Finding something in settings can be a tedious task.  I’ll show you the quick way to search on any … Continue reading Calculator Tip