Where’s my iPhone?

Have you ever “lost” your phone in the house or car? I was just using it and now I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!

Apple Watch ⌚️ to the rescue! Yes-you read that right. The watch can help you find your phone. I use this more than I should say and it has saved me from looking all over the house or car for my phone. You can do this even when your phone is on silent!  Let me show you how.

How to Find Your Phone

While wearing your watch, bring your wrist up to show the display.  Using a light touch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see your “Control Center”.

Tap the small phone icon and your phone will send out a loud alarm sound. It’s like your phone is saying, hey lady I’m over here under the mail! 😂  It’s that easy!  Didn’t find your phone on the first tap?  No problem, just keep tapping until you find your phone.


What’s Next?

Want to know what the three icons mean? Come back again and check out more tips on Apple Watch!⌚️

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