Photos Can Help with Memory


Memory is a funny thing.  Where did I park the car at the mall?  What door did I come through?  Ok, this only happened to me twice, but that was enough.  Never again will I have Mall Security drive me around looking for my car. 🚗

Wondering how can photos help with your memory?  Start taking photos of everything.  It’s easy, fun, and doesn’t cost a thing.  Here is my favorite example of how I use photos to help me daily.

Photos and Shopping

Think back to your last shopping trip.  Maybe you’re at the mall shopping for a pair of shoes.  There are so many 👠👡 who can remember the details?  Did the red ones have straps, a buckle, velcro? Were the tan ones darker or lighter than the first pair?  Did that one pair come in black or brown? What was the price? Help!!!!!

Solution, take your phone out and start taking photos!  You can comparison shop right on your phone.  Find a store employee and just hold up your photo and say, “I’d like to see these shoes in a 9 please”.   😊  

Feeling shy about taking a photo of a pair of shoes?  Don’t let that stop you!  People are taking photos all the time and I guarantee you nobody will even notice.  

Getting to the Camera Fast

Check out this tip to get to your iPhone’s camera quick.  Grab your phone, click the round home button at the bottom or click the side button.

Under “Press here to unlock” there is a very teeny-tiny camera symbol.  When you see a symbol here, it means you can easily access it from this screen.  Just lightly touch the screen and swipe left.  Surprise! There’s your camera 📷.  Let me know if you use this tip and how it helps you.  Share a photo if you’d like too.

What’s Next?

Photo albums, what are they, how to create one, and how to use them on your phone.  Follow my blog by signing up for an email notification for all upcoming posts.


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8 thoughts on “Photos Can Help with Memory

  1. I take photos with my phone when we are traveling and leave the GPS information in. Later in Lightroom, I can access that information and plot the place exactly on a map in case I have a question of where exactly the photo was taken. I am sure on export to social media to take that GPS and other data off.

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    1. That’s an excellent idea! I’ve always left the location off because a majority of my photos were of my son or at home. Thanks for the tip! If you’re on FB, a great group of iPhone photographers to follow is iphoneography a tiny shutter group. Lots of information, photo challenges, and they have a podcast too. Have a great day!😊

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  2. Good luck with your new blog—it’s a winner. I agree about photos as a terrific memory boost and they also help with decisions. Taking a selfie when wearing that dress you’re not so sure of, for instance.

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