My Phone is Acting Crazy!

We love ❤️ our phones when they do what we want, but when they don’t 😳 YIKES!

I’m sure you’ve picked up your phone and tried to text, email, or make a call and it just acts like you’re a COMPLETE STRANGER! What’s going on here?

Crazy Phone Syndrome

I just made up crazy phone syndrome, but if you think about how hard our phones are working, it’s no wonder they don’t lose it now and then!  So when they act crazy 🤪📱 it’s most likely a data overload.

How to Fix Crazy Phone Syndrome

Most, if not all, crazy phone syndrome problems can be solved just by turning the phone off and then back on again.  Yes it’s that simple. Remembering to turn the phone back ON is the hardest part. 😂

STOP! Before you turn off your phone, you must know your password (usually 4-6 numbers).  If you don’t know this code, don’t turn off your phone.  The phone’s setting requires the password even when Touch ID (using your fingerprint to unlock phone) is being used.  I haven’t tested this on iPhone X.

red stop sign
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Turning Off Your Phone

Depending on the phone you have, your lock button will be on the top or side.  Hold that button down until you see “slide right to power off”.  Done ✅

You can turn it back on again by holding down the same lock button until you see the Apple logo.  The next screen will be the login screen where you will need your password.

I usually turn it right back on because it only takes 5 seconds and my mind has wandered off somewhere else!

No More Crazy Phone Syndrome

If you use your phone like me, A LOT, I suggest turning it off daily.  Otherwise, once a week should do the trick.

Leave a comment and let me know if this tip has fixed an issue for you.  Feel free to like and share this tip too.

What’s Next?

Reminders on your phone!  How to create one, how to set a location reminder alert, date/time reminder alert, and a few ways to make your life easier using Reminders.

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