Stop Website Frustration with Reader View

Do you get frustrated by how hard it can be to read a website article on your iPhone or iPad?  All the ads, pop ups, side bar scrolling of stuff I think I WANT but don’t NEED to buy, it’s crazy!  F4C4E46C-9340-453F-9E68-E2AB328FFF57Well there’s a quick way to end that frustration, start using Reader View.

No more ads for vacuum cleaners moving on the screen when you’re busy trying to look at cute kitten photos.  My cats gave permission to use their photos.  I did have to pay them with a treat.

Reader View:  What is it?

When I hear the word reader, I automatically think of the glasses 👓 that magnify everything.  You know the ones, they have a tiny sticker with 1.0 or 1.25 or even higher!  You think you can read anything until about 40ish.  Then it’s WHY IS THE PRINT SO SMALL? Sorry, back on subject now. 🤓

Reader View makes it easier to read a website because it takes away all the clutter.  Check out this example of a local newspaper without using Reader View.  It’s a hot mess!68ED522C-878B-48E8-89E0-ADB18B3F9547


How to Turn On Reader View

In the next photo you’ll see 4 stacked lines on the left end of the search bar.  Touch and hold for a second or two until you see the pop up options.  It will look like this below.


If you tap either option you’ll get the beautiful, easy to read screen below.  If you chose “Use on All Websites” then you can skip this step going forward.  Seems like the best of the two options.  To remove the Reader View, just tap the same stacked lines to get the pop up and choose Stop.

Reader View in Action

I know you just scrolled up to look at the original photo and then back down to this one to see the difference.  I did too 😂 and it’s amazing how much easier it is to read.

Hopefully, the next time you’re searching the World Wide Web (www), you’ll try this feature and have a much more enjoyable reading experience.  This feature doesn’t mean you won’t need those reader glasses someday though👓.


What’s Next?

Want to know how to get that awesome photo of your kids or grandkids to show everytime you unlock your phone/tablet?  Look for my next post that shows you how fast you can decide what you see when you unlock your phone/tablet or what’s in the background when it’s open.


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    1. Thanks for encouraging words!! I’ve started a personal blog based on kindness. I loved your Be Kind desktop background. It’s beautiful! Here’s my new blog


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