Wallpapers the Choice is Yours

If you’ve ever seen your friend’s phone and thought, how did they get their grandkids photo to show when they unlock it?  Well Apple has given you two places you can design how your phone looks when you are using it.

You have a Home Screen and a Lock Screen.  Both need a background photo or what Apple calls a “Wallpaper”.  This strikes me funny, since it’s a bunch of cool, young people running this giant tech company and they decided to call it “wallpaper”? Like my Grandma’s wallpaper? 😂  Anyways, we’re going to call it Wallpaper ONLY because that’s how you find it in the phone’s settings.

First Things First

Let’s go over the Home Screen and Lock Screen. In the photo below, the flower photo is what is set as the Lock Screen Wallpaper.  This screen is the first screen you see when you unlock the phone.  Unlock by touching the Home button or side button.

On the right is the Home Screen with a solid black Wallpaper behind all the apps.  This is the screen you see whenever you are using the phone.



How to Access Wallpaper

Surprise! I changed both Wallpapers so you can see a comparison.  Once you have gone through Settings and are on the the Wallpaper screen, tap on Choose a New Wallpaper



Choose A Wallpaper

Below you see your options that are preset by Apple.  Dynamic, Stills, and Live.  Both Dynamic and Live are Wallpapers that move.  The moving bubbles offers you pretty colors.  Try for yourself to see what you like.

Below these options you’ll see Photo Albums titled All Photos and Favorites.



Selecting Your Wallpaper

Now that you’ve selected your photo, you’ll need to decide if it will be the Lock Screen or Home Screen.  You can also set the photo as both screens or Cancel and select another photo.  It takes just seconds.


Final Thoughts on Wallpapers

There are so many options it does get hard to choose.  If you decide to you use a photo, I recommend you first open your Photos App and decide on your favorite photos first.  Then tap the heart in the middle of the photo to mark it as a favorite.  The heart will turn blue 💙  and the photo will now be in your Favorites album.  This will make it easier to find.  Now have fun changing your Wallpaper!

What’s Next?

Emergency contacts are important to have set up on your phone.  I’ll be posting the how to set up your phone this weekend.  It will be a little more detailed, but I’ll have screenshots for all directions.

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