Siri Can Do What?

If you use Siri or have ever searched what to ask Siri, you’ll find a ton of things.  Did you know you can teach Siri how to say your name or any of your contact’s names?  Did you know you can ask Siri to open an app for you?  It’s time to put this phone to work for you!  For more great ways to use Siri to your advantage, check out this link to Apple Siri Can Do What?


Today I’m just going to give you a few things to ask Siri to do for you!


Typical things people ask Siri

  • What’s the weather today?
  • Will it rain?
  • Take me home.
  • Set an alarm for an hour.
  • Start a timer for 15 minutes.
  • Delete all alarms.
  • Delete all timers.
  • What time is it in Denver, Colorado?
  • Take a picture.
  • Take a selfie.

New Things to Ask Siri

  • Do I have any new voice mail?
  • Text (insert name) I’ll be home at 6pm tonight.
  • Call KC on speaker.
  • FaceTime dad (it’s Father’s Day)
  • What is 20% of $25?
  • How many cups in a quart?
  • What is the square root of 16?
  • Learn to say my name. (This can take a minute or two)
  • Define (insert word).
  • What is trending on Twitter?

Fun Things to Ask Siri

  • Flip a coin (heads or tails).
  • Pick a random number between 1 and 52.
  • Roll the dice or roll a dice.
  • Which phone is the best?
  • Tell me something funny.
  • Can I borrow some (insert word)?
  • Are you married?
  • Do you have a pet?
  • Translate cat into 1 of 5 languages (Mandarin, Spanish, German, French, Italian)
  • Did I get any mail from KC?

What’s Next?

If you like productivity and organizing, then this will be something you don’t want to miss!  How to move or delete apps on your phone or iPad.  ✍🏼👀🤩  Also, creating a folder of apps.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Comment below and let me know if this has been helpful to you.  Also share my tips and how to’s on your social media or email by clicking on the icons below.  Have a question you want to see here on my blog, tap the Ask A Question at the top and we’ll figure it out together.


7 thoughts on “Siri Can Do What?

  1. Thank you for your kinda words! You’ve said exactly what I wanted from my posts, easy to read and a nugget or two people can use. 😊

    Yes Siri can be difficult at times, but I love to use it. I just looked at your site and what beautiful photos and the food sounds delicious, even though I’m a veggie. I had to laugh about travel, I’m a city girl and my adventures are more close to home. I’ll be reading your posts later today for some new food ideas. I take meals with meat and add my veggie patties and most work out well. 😊


  2. I love your posts. So easy to read, and always at least one or two nuggets I can use in each post. I have a love/hate relationship with Siri. She’s great when I’m up to my elbows in chicken or pastry dough and I need to know how many tsp in a tbsp. But I laugh out loud sometimes at how she (mis)understands my words. I must mumble!

    Liked by 1 person

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