Controlling Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received.  So many things I can do without pulling out my phone out of my purse.  Today it’s all about the icons in the Control Center.  Check out my previous post on finding your iPhone using your watch by clicking   Where’s my iPhone?

Warning—Using the Side Button

Be very careful using the side button on the watch.  It is now able to call 911 AUTOMATICALLY by pressing and holding it down.  911 will call you back and you’ll have to explain that it was an accidental call. Depending on the situation, they may have to come to your home and verify you are safe. You do need to have your phone within range or be on WiFi.  ❌Ok you’ve been warned❌

Icons & Screenshots

First lets look at the screenshot I took of my watch.  Huh?? I know you’re thinking, explain taking a “screenshot” of your watch!

It’s easy, while wearing the watch, raise your wrist, quickly press the Digital Crown (AKA spinning thingy) and the side button (read WARNING above) next to the Digital Crown at the same time.  You should hear the same sound you hear when taking a photo. You’ll find the photos in your Photo app on your phone or iPad. 😊


Icons in Order

Each icon is labeled as it’s listed in Apple Support.  To start or stop a feature, you tap the icon once to turn on and tap again to turn off.  Note:  in Flashlight mode you need to quickly press the Digital Crown one time to turn off the flashlight.

Battery:  how much battery you have listed as a “percentage left”.

Airplane Mode: tap icon to turn off Wifi and Bluetooth functions. This stops the watch from sending or receiving texts, calls, or connecting to cellular data. Based on the model watch you own, some of these features will vary.

Find iPhone:  tap icon to “ping” or locate your phone.  See link above for previous post.

Flashlight:  tap icon to turn on flashlight mode. Several options are here to try.  First screen is a solid, white light you can tap to brighten.  I use at night to make sure I don’t trip over any sleeping cats who see no reason to move for me. 😻

Swipe left and you get a flashing, white light you can tap to brighten.  This would be important to use if walking or running at night.

Swipe left one more time and you get a red light you can tap to brighten.  I’m told it’s easier on the eyes than the bright white, but I haven’t found a good use for it yet.  Let me know if you find a good way to use it!

Do Not Disturb (DND): tap this icon to stop the watch from sending you notifications of calls, texts, or any other pop ups you have set.  I only use DND on my phone and set the watch to “mirror” my phone.  That’s another post I’ll be writing soon. ✍🏼 Note: any contacts set to “bypass DND” you will be able to get calls and text messages. This will be an upcoming post as well.

Theater Mode:  tap icon when at the movies or theater to prevent the screen from lighting up when you raise your wrist.  Also, to stop all notifications.  If you use the flashlight on your watch while in Theater Mode, it is set to show only red screen.

Silent Mode: tap icon to put the phone on silent.  Your screen will still light up if you raise your wrist, but no notifications will come through.

Audio Output:  I have never used this, but might now that I know what it does.  If you connect (pair) your phone to a Bluetooth headset, you can switch which device to plays music.  If you have an Apple Music account there are more features.  You can learn more about this option here ➡️ Apple Support-Audio Output

General Thoughts on…..

All of my tips or directions are written to the best of my knowledge.  Apple Watch is set to be updated soon, some features may roll out one or two at a time or all at once.  I’ve read there are 30+ “changes” in this update. However, changes can be a visual change like an icon or where to find it.  I’ve already planned to update this post or link it to a new post once the update is out and working. 😊

What’s Next?

Do you remember Dick Tracy used to talk to his watch? It was so cool! Did you know you can use Siri on the watch? It’s fun and I’ll be writing about how to set it up and tips on using it on your watch.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Comment below and let me know if this has been helpful to you.  Also share my tips on your social media or email by clicking on the icons below.  Have a question you want to see here on my blog, tap the Ask A Question at the top and we’ll figure it out together.


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