General Tips: Software Updates, WAIT!

I love getting tips or tricks on how to use my devices, don’t you?  This is a great tip given to me a long time ago by a coworker that I still follow today.

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Updates on Any Mobile Device

iOS software updates will be coming out this Fall for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV.  There are going to be lots of changes👩🏻‍💻📲💻🖥.  I know not everyone is as excited as I am, as change is frustrating. That’s another reason I write my blog, to help make your life easier using your mobile devices.

Patience is a Virture with Updating

Before updating, you should search the internet to see if there are any reports of issues with that update.  Just search for the device name and “problems with updates”. Including the update number will ensure the most recent information.

Example search: problems with updates iOS 7.1.4 If there are even small problems, it will be on the internet.

Major Software Updates

I recommend waiting at least 48 hours before updating to new software for any device.  First, the system can be really slow because there are millions of people updating, at the same time, around the world. Secondly, there may be bugs or features that break something else.  This can be a minor break or catastrophic. 🔥💥

It can be as bad as “bricking” your device! NOOOOOOOO, sorry it hurts to even type that word!  This means you have a dead device.  You might see a black screen with a bunch of letters/codes or it may do nothing at all.

You can call Apple Support, but I’d just go ahead and make a trip to your local Apple Store. 😭🤬  They will explain what your options are for replacement or repair.  I honestly don’t know if there is a cost associated with this type of situation, but why take the chance.  Waiting it out isn’t that hard to do for the majority of people, including me!

Routine Updates

These updates happen usually a few times a year.  Some happen within hours or days after a major software update.  However, these type of updates typically are safe to do after 24 hours of the release.  Again, you can search the internet before updating.

Security Updates

Security updates, I do those typically the same day. Again, search the internet for issues before updating. Someone is always out there trying to hack into a system, Apple isn’t 100% unhackable, is that even a word?😂

Note:  This happens to all companies, Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel, etc.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Comment below and let me know if this has been helpful to you.  Also share my tips and how to’s on your social media or email by clicking on the icons below.  Have a question you want to see here on my blog, tap the Ask A Question at the top and we’ll figure it out together.Debbie👩🏻‍💻

14 thoughts on “General Tips: Software Updates, WAIT!

      1. My pleasure.
        I’ll put together a pinterest tips blog post in the next couple of weeks. For now, set up very specific boards, ie: Apple Watch, Update Tips, etc. Set one up specifically for pins from YOUR blog posts. Start pinning things to your other boards that have quality info. Then, add your blog posts to your Pinterest account. 🙂

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          1. It’s overwhelming sometimes, even to those that are familiar. I learned a lot while studying on how to promote my blog on Pinterest, but it’s pretty easy to do once you know what to do. Sometimes it’s easier to search your name. When you type something in the search bar on Pinterest and hit enter, on the right you have a drop down menu to choose your pins, people or boards based on your search term. Doesn’t help me 100% of the time, but at least a good portion of my searching.


    1. Thanks for taking time to read and comment! You can also listen to an Apple related podcast or follow someone like iMore on Twitter. I’m not affiliated with them, but they are on top of the latest news. Apple will not typically announce an issue unless it’s a major break. 😊 Thanks again!

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