Make Your Life Easy-Magnify Text

Have you noticed how the print on things like ingredients on a cereal box or a menu at a restaurant just keeps getting smaller and smaller?  Well I sure have 🤓 and for many reading small text can be very frustrating.

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Great news!  There are two quick ways to view small print on just about anything!  One is the Magnify feature and second, is using the Camera app.

Since you’ll use your phone to magnify the text, nobody will even know what you’re doing!  So don’t feel shy to use this feature.

Everyone has their phones out doing something, so you’ll blend right in at your grocery store or local restaurant.

Magnify in Settings

In case you didn’t get a chance to read the post on using Settings, here’s a link
Settings = Information to get caught up.

Magnify is a setting that is featured in Accessibility on iPhone and iPad.  Open your Settings app, pull down on the screen to access the Search bar, type Accessibility and you’ll see multiple options.  Tap on Accessibility General which will automatically take you to all the options you need.  Tap on Magnifier to turn it on and to use this feature.

Using Magnify

To use the feature, you triple-click the Home Button (circle in bottom middle of iPhone/iPad).  You have several options once you open the feature on your phone.

  • use the slide bar to increase or decrease the size
  • use the “lightning bolt” to turn on the flash for extra reading light
  • tap the button like you are taking a photo to create a “still shot” of the text (NO photo is actually being taken)
  • tap the yellow lock to lock auto focus
  • tap the filters icon (bottom right) to change colors

The “still shot” feature allows you to view the text without it moving around as you move the phone.  It does not create a photo in your Photos app.  You can see all the options in the screen shots below.








Fast & Easy Camera Option

Another way to quickly zoom in on small text is to open your Camera app!  Here you’ll see a 1x in a small circle in the middle, at the bottom of the screen.  Tap that 1x and it becomes 2x, tap again and you’re back at 1x.

Now hold it over the text you want to read.  It will automatically appear bigger.  You can tap the screen so the auto focus yellow box will move to where you have tapped.  It will focus on that spot and your text will be easier to see and read.




Try Both Options

Play around with both options at home to see which you prefer.  Then you’ll be more comfortable using magnifying when needed to read that small print at your favorite restaurant.  I’m sure you’ll love using this feature!  Try it and let me know what you think and if it’s helped you in any situations.

What’s Next?

Medical ID! I know some are skeptical about putting this information on their phone.  I believe that if medical personnel have another way to help them know how to treat you in an emergency, than it’s worth any perceived risks.  Knowing the medications you take, your medical history, and who to contact is critical in an emergency situation.  It’s my personal choice to make sure it’s up to date.  Come back soon if you’d like to add this information to your phone.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Comment below and let me know if this has been helpful to you.  Also share my tips and how to’s on your social media or email by clicking on the icons below.  Have a question you want to see here on my blog, tap the Ask A Question at the top and we’ll figure it out together.


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