Medical ID on iPhone

Not everyone likes to put this information on their phones, but I just want to make sure you’re aware it’s an option that is available on your iPhone.

The Medical ID is part of the Health App on your iPhone.  If you’d like more information on using the Health App, please click on this link to Apple Support Apple Health App

Special Note

My Health App and Medical ID are completed so I’m unable to do screen shots for this feature to show you how to use the app.  That’s why I’m recommending you review the link at Apple to see all you can do with the Health app.

How to Access the Medical ID Alert

To find the Medcial ID, touch the screen and pull down to show the Search bar.  Type in Health app and you’ll see the icon with the red heart titled Health.  93BDD35F-13F4-4285-A8C4-407475E1A649

The Health app will open and you’ll see lots of options here.  Please use the link in the first paragraph to view how to use the app.


Enter/Edit Data & Show When Locked

Once you open the app, the Medical ID is in the bottom right corner of the app.  Tap on the icon.  The screen below will pop up and you need to tap “Edit Medical ID”.  Next, tap on “Edit” in the top right corner and you’ll be able to enter and/or edit your information.

IMPORTANT DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP:  You’ll need to turn on “Show When Locked” which is at the top of the screen once you open the Health App.  This is the feature that allows Emergency Medical Personnel or anyone who attempts to assist during an emergecny, to access your Medical ID when your phone is locked.


Data Options to Enter

The information you can choose to enter includes Date of Birth, Medical Conditions, Medical Notes, Allergies & Reactions, Medications, Blood Type, Organ Donor, Weight, and Height.  All fields are not required.  You can fill in whatever data you choose to share.

Emergency Contact

Another feature of Medical ID is Emergency Contact.  You can list one or more Emergency Contacts within the Medical ID.  Below is a screenshot of what someone attempting to assist you, will see if they have access to your phone.  They will see the lock screen and then can tap on Emergency to access your Medical ID.

I have not been able to confirm this 100%, but it’s my understanding that if you call 911 directly, it does not notify your Emregency Contacts.  This is Apple’s statement on Emergency Contacts: “Your Emergency contacts will receive a message saying that you have called emergency services when you use Emergency SOS.  Your current location will be included in these messages.”  160D73B3-A2B6-4056-88B1-C596ECE855F0

The screenshot below is referred to as “Emergency SOS” screen that can be activated by Emergency Medical Personnel or anyone who attempts to assist. you.

Emergency SOS Activation

The specific way you activate the Emergency SOS alert is based on what phone and software update you are currently using.  It would be very difficult to give you directions per phone, per software as the combinations are too varied.  I’ll leave that up to the experts at Apple.  📱👩🏻‍💻   Please check Apple Support to confirm how to activate your specific phone/software.

Another Good Source of Information on Apple Products

Another good source for Apple information is iMore, but this article gives a breakdown for activating Emergency SOS for most phones/software, but please confirm the process you would use by contacting Apple Support if you have questions.  Activating Emergency SOS 

Emergency SOS Suggestion

What I can do is give you a suggestion and you can try it out on your actual phone.  If you hold the right side button and either the up or down volume button on the other side of the phone, it will activate the screen below for you to use Emergecny SOS.  160D73B3-A2B6-4056-88B1-C596ECE855F0At the top you will see three options, “Slide to power off”, “Medical ID”, and “Emergency SOS”.  They are all slide/swipe to activate.  To call 911, slide to swipe Emergency SOS or continue to hold down the buttons.  You will see a countdown screen, which gives you time to cancel, or continue with the call.   There is also a cancel option at the bottom of the screen.

If you use the  “fingerprint to unlock” feature, you can try the option above or try this option too.  Attempt to open the phone using any fingerprint that is NOT set up in your phone.  This will bring up the same screen with the three options, “Slide to power off”, “Medical ID”, and “Emergency SOS”.

Final note, again I recommend if you are not comfortable using the options in this post, to contact Apple Support at Apple Support, or stop at a local Apple store to have an employee show you based on your specific phone.

What’s next?

Something more fun! 😂  If you’re always the one taking the photo and never in the shot, then let’s get you in the photo!  Did you know you can use the timer option on your phone when framing your shot or use your Apple Watch to activate the photo?  Come back soon to learn how to always be in the photo!

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