Fun Tip On Using Reader View

I just found a new, exciting tip to share with you on using Reader View! My first post on Reader View can be found here ➡️ Stop Website Frustration with Reader View

Easy Changes for Easier Reading

Using this tip, you can change the font size and style, as well as the background color.  This takes just a few easy steps to make reading so much more enjoyable!  You will find it so much easier to read the articles you choose.

Steps to Make Changes

The first photo is the original view in Reader View mode on my website.  See the A’s in the top right corner of the website name?  That’s where the fun begins!


So now we see the changes I made on my Reader View with a few simple taps on the screen.  Wow, see the difference the background color and font style makes?

Tap the two A’s in the right side of the website name.  You will see the options for color changes of the background and options for a different font style.  Where I’ve pointed to the A above the colors, that is used to increase/decrease font size.

That’s it and your changes stay and will be this new style and background color for every page where you use Reader View!  So simple and such a great feature!


What Do You Think?

Thanks for stopping by today!  Comment below and let me know if this has been helpful to you.  Also share my tips and how to’s on your social media or email by clicking on the icons below.  Have a question you want to see here on my blog, tap the Ask A Question at the top and we’ll figure it out together.



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