Things to Ask Siri-Translation

Did you know you can easily ask Siri to translate into five languages?  It’s very easy and ready at the push of a button or by saying “Hey Siri”.

Translate into Five Languages

If you travel or have friends who speak one of these five languages, now you can communicate with ease!  Need to get a taxi, ask for help, ask for directions, or you want to speak to your friends in their native language?  Just ask Siri for a translation in one of these five languages:  Spanish, German, French, Italian, Mandarin.

Activate Siri

Depending on how you activate Siri, by pushing a button or saying “Hey Siri”, you can say what you need and then state the language.  For example, I need a taxi in Spanish.  Siri will pop up and say the phrase and you can even repeat it by tapping the replay button.  Press the replay button for someone to hear what you’re needing help with or you can show them the written text.  I’ve included screenshots to show you how.  Note, you can play around with how you ask Siri to see what works best for you.








What Do You Think?

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4 thoughts on “Things to Ask Siri-Translation

  1. This is a great post. I often use Siri, but I have never thought to use her to translate into another language. I’m heading to Italy in September, and this will be very useful. I’ve been studying Italian using Duolingo for the last few months, and let me tell you I am going to rely a lot on Siri now that I know this tip. LOL

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