Tips While Traveling

If you’re traveling this summer and looking for ways to make it easier, then this information is perfect for you!  Two great ways to use your iPhone to help while your waiting on a plane or trying to find your way around the airport.

Tracking A Flight

Whether you’re flying on your next adventure or you’re waiting on a flight to land, it’s easy to track the flight with your phone.

All you need is the flight number!  While on your home screen, swipe down on the screen to see the Search bar.  Type in the flight number and you’ll have all the information you need for the flight.  No need to download any apps, unless you want to be connected to a specific airline for text updates, etc.

Select the flight and get even more detail.  Just make sure to select the correct departure/arrival locations and date.  The flight number can be the same for multiple dates.  See examples below of a flight I randomly selected from Delta Airlines that was still in the air.



Maps in Airports, Who Knew?

I flew through Denver International Airport in 2014.  It’s a beautiful airport and it was big.  But when I landed in Portland, Oregon wow that’s a huge airport.   I wished I would have used this while I was there.  I was only thinking of using maps for driving and this would have been beneficial.

How to Use Maps in Airports

First, if you are on a limited data plan, make sure you are on the airport’s free Wifi service.  Go to Settings, tap Wi-Fi and there you should find the airport’s service.  Ask an airport employee for assistance if needed.  It’s especially important to check your data plan when traveling overseas and how your data will be used while on your phone.  

To being, open Maps.  A search bar will pop up and you’ll just need to type in the name of the airport.  Next, tap the name of the airport and you’ll see all the options available to choose from.  Terminals, Gates, Restrooms, Food, and Shopping.

Now you can see where to spend your time waiting between flights or know where to stop on the trip to the next terminal.  Special note, if you’re offered a ride on the “Airport Golf Cart Express”, don’t be embarrassed, just say thank you and hop on!  Unless you have a lot of time to between flights, I’m just saying it’s a lesson learned the hard way. 🤷🏻‍♀️





What Do You Think?

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