Find My Apple Watch

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If you want to know how to find your iPhone using your watch read this post, Where’s my iPhone?

How To Find Your Watch

First, search your phone for the Watch app.  Mine is in a “folder” of apps.  I’ll be posting this week on how to create a “folder” to put your similar apps in one place.


Next, tap the Watch app and type in “Find” in the Search bar.  This will bring up the Find My Apple Watch section for you to tap to open.


Your next screen with be the app loading the map and location of your watch.  Give it a few seconds up to a minute and it should load.  This may vary based on whether you are using  WiFi or cellular data.

Once the location has loaded, you can tap Play Sound and it will “ping” your watch.  If it is near you like at home or on your desk at work, you will hear the sound.  It’s the same sound when you use the watch to find  your phone.


Last step is you will see the map load with details of the location of your watch.  Let’s say you either took it off and left it someplace.  You will be able to pinpoint the exact address of the watch.  Let’s hope you never have to use it, but at least you know it’s there if needed.



What Do You Think?

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