iPhone Apps-How To Create Folders

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We all have our favorite apps on our phones.  Maybe you have two, three or ten favorite apps.  You might have several that are similar in content, like social media apps or photo apps.  Today’s post is how to get them all in one folder for YOUR convenience.

Something New Today:  Video!

Yes, I’m starting to use “screen recording” for some videos and will be adding videos when it fits the topic.  What I like about this idea, is sometimes it’s hard to explain only in writing.  Plus I’m a very visual learner! This is a perfect example, creating folders.

I’ll be giving step by step directions and you’ll be able to review and watch the video as much as you need. 👩🏻‍💻

Step by Step Directions

The video below is on my iPad setting up a “folder” called Social Media for my Twitter and FaceBook apps.  This can be done with any app and you can name the folder whatever you choose.

  1. Lightly press on an app until it starts to wiggle (it may have a small x in the corner).
  2. Lightly press and hold the first app and drag it over top of the app you want to have in the same folder.  You’ll see a light grayish colored “folder” appear behind the apps.  You can stop pressing on the app when you see this folder.  The apps will continue to wiggle.
  3. Tap the folder the two apps are in now.  You’ll see the area where you can add your Title at the top.  You can use the suggested name or delete and name whatever you  choose.
  4. Tap on the outside of the folder, on your screen to return the folder to it’s position.
  5. Press the home button and you have now created your first folder!!  YAY!!!
  6. To change it or remove a folder, follow steps 1 and 2.  Once you open the folder, press lightly on the app and drag to the main screen outside of the folder.
  7. You can do this with all the apps and they will go back on your screen and the folder will disappear.

Video Time

Note there is no sound with this video. 

What Do You Think?

Thanks for stopping by today!  Please let me know what you think of the video!  Comment below and let me know if this has been helpful to you. 

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