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Well “control” is not meant in exactly the same context as we normally think of control.  But, it’s still nice to know you can outsmart your smartphone.📱😂 Control in Apple’s Control Center gives you easy access to what you’d like quickly.  Not every option is there, but it’s really handy to access a flashlight, a camera, a calculator, an alarm clock or timer with a quick swipe.  Let’s get into how this works and how to make it work better for you!

How to Add/Delete Options in Control Center

Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing you can use the Control Center.  Just swipe up from bottom of your screen and poof there it is.   I’m going to give you a few steps to follow and a video recording of how to actually change your Control Center.

First you swipe up from the bottom of your phone or iPad screen.  2EEB6BAE-90BE-49BC-A6DD-1AB6E640229DYou will see the Control Center.  There are options available like volume, airplane mode, WiFi and Bluetooth indicators.  These are pre-set by Apple.

To make changes to your Control Center, tap Settings, Control Center, Customize Controls, and you’ll find what’s already installed and what’s available to add.  After making your choices, you can quickly tap the Home button and swipe up to check the Control Center.  If you want to make changes again, tap Settings and you will be back at the same screen to make your changes.


Video of How Control the Control Center

Take a look at the video below to make changes in Control Center!


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