Apple Watch App Layout

If you have the Apple Watch you should be familiar with the photo of the app layout on your watch.  A2CE430A-E58F-47C3-9B24-A2E41C8B2D1F

This view can be difficult to move around on and make it hard to select the app you want to use.  Now you can make a change to this layout that’s easiest for you to use.


Quick Tip on Changing Your View

First you’ll need to press the Digital Crown.  Now press in the center of the watch, this is referred to as “Force Touch” until you see the pop up to choose “Grid View” or “List View”  Note:  Grid View is the default you see above.


The photo below is what the List View will look like on your watch.  You’ll use the Digital Crown to scroll up and down on the List View option.  For more information on using the Digital Crown, click here on this link ➡️ Quick Tip: Siri on Apple Watch

Pretty neat right?



What Do You Think?

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Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

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