How To Share Reminders

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Do you have this problem in your home?  NOBODY remembers to take the trash down on trash night! 😂  I’m sure you have other things you want to share with family or friends that’s maybe weekly, monthly, or even every other week.  Well I have the perfect way to solve this problem.  You can create a Reminder and share it with anyone else using an iPhone or iPad and they are in your contacts.  Now NOBODY can say oh I forgot!  Here’s a link to a previous post on using Reminders in another way Reminders: Never Forget Again!

Reminders App

Here are step by step directions and photos for each step.  The first time may take you a couple minutes, but once you get the hang of it you’ll fly right through adding reminders and sharing with those who need a friendly reminder to do something.

  1. Open the Reminders app.  Tap the + sign in the top right corner.
  2. You’ll see a pop up to Create new Reminder or List.  Tap on List.  9C7551AE-6BF4-43E4-888A-2D4C9A077D43
  3. Pop up will ask you to select where to store the List, tap on iCloud.41DB8ABC-0B08-44D2-9AFA-DE5781167AE8
  4. Next you’ll type in the space that says New List.  Type your List name here and then tap a color for the list title and tap Done.  You’ve created your first List!!5F188096-5B12-4FD8-860B-6D372DD9FD4D
  5. Next you need to tap Edit in top right corner to set up Sharing.  Tap on Sharing, tap on Add person, type in the name of who you want to share List and tap Add in top right corner.  You can add multiple people by tapping the + sign again.  Tap Done in the top left corner and then again in the top right corner to go back to create the actual reminder.
    9C8EEDC5-02AC-48D4-AE85-0EA9B0E88559  2AF6F0F1-5D02-43E6-B5FE-668057957212
  6. Now you’re back at where you need to add the reminder by tapping on the line with the + sign on the left.  Tap on the right of  the line you added and a small blue i will pop up.  Tap here to set the reminder date/time.
    0B051B72-58BD-423D-B2E9-3E616C20D17B  85271446-1F0C-4D33-86D7-F48736A6A315
  7. Tap on Remind me on a day to turn on the function.
  8. Set the alarm date/time.
  9. Set the repeat and an end date if there is one.

That’s It You’re Done!

Now you know you have set a reminder for anyone you choose to get a task done, even if it’s only taking down the trash. 😊

What Do You Think?

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Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

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