Apple Watch as Camera Remote

Apple Watch in Space Gray with a black sport band.
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If you have an Apple Watch and an iPhone you now have a way to take a photo using your watch!

How to Set Up Your Watch as a Remote for Photos

Even though you can’t actually take a photo with your watch by itself, you can use the watch remotely to take the shot!

First set up your photo.  Let’s say you’re at a family gathering at a restaurant and you want to be in the group photo too.  Since most of us don’t carry around a mini tripod, you can use a shelf or something on a table to lean the phone against to set up the shot.  I’ve done it several times, it’s really easy.

  • Open the camera on your phone.
  • Open the camera app on your watch.
  • Screenshot below is from my watch.  I’m pointing my phone at my iPad.  Now I can see on my watch what the camera sees on my phone.  Both my watch and phone have the same view now.


Jump in the Photo

After you set up your shot, jump in the photo!  You control when you want to take the photo.  Tap the white circle to take the photo immediately.  Or tap the 3s for a 3 second countdown.  This gives you time to put your arm down and smile!  Apple Watch and iPhone working together to make your life easier!

Rose Gold iPhone and Space gray Apple Watch with white band
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