Air Pods and Apple TV and Photo Tips!

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Apple has a large variety of products.  The tips below will apply to a few new things that have not been posted before.  I hope one of them helps you use your technology to enhance your use of mobile devices!

Air Pods

The Air Pods have been one of the best wireless ear buds I’ve used, not because they are Apple, but because they work so well and I’ve never had them fall out.  I know, amazing!

One of the best uses is setting up your Air Pods bluetooth with Apple TV 4th generation or above.  Now you can watch and listen to your favorite show, music, or even meditate while blocking out all the rest of the noise in the house! 🧘🏻‍♀️

The first time you use them with your Apple TV, make sure the Air Pods are in the case and set them next to the Apple TV.  You may just need to have them in the same room, just see what works for you.

Open Settings, select Remotes and Devices, Bluetooth, then your Air Pods should appear for you to select.  Now start listening to whatever makes you happy!


Saving Photos from Text Messages

It’s one of the easiest tips I can share with you.  So your kids text you a photo of something they want for their birthday or Christmas.  How will you find this photo when you need it?

Easy, open the text with the photo you want to save.  Touch and press lightly on the screen and options will pop up at the bottom of the screen.  (This pop up will vary based on the software you currently have installed).

Tap on Save at the bottom to save to your photos. Tap on More at the bottom and you’ll be able to forward the photo to a new person as a text message.

You can also let the person know who text you the photo, if you like or love it by tapping one of the icons in the red circle at the top of the photo below.   The areas that are blacked out are for privacy of the person I sent the text of this photo.  😊

To make any photo easier to find, open the Photos app, select the photo, tap the heart at the bottom to make it a “favorite”.  Now it will be much easier to find when you need to see it again.


What Do You Think?

Thanks for stopping by today!  Did you like these tips and think they were helpful?  Please comment below and also share my tips and how to’s on your social media or email by clicking on the icons below. 

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Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

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