Best Apple Watch Tip and Life Saver

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Apple Watch Sending Location

This is a tip that not only is convenient, but could be a life saver!  Now you probably know you can send your location from your iPhone when you send a text message.  You can also do this with your Apple Watch.  Let’s say you’re waiting at a restaurant for someone and you want to make sure they know your location.  Here’s the easy way without pulling out your iPhone.

Depending on how you have your watch set up, one way to access the Messages app is to push the Digital Crown and scroll through until you see Messages and find a text from that person or create a new text.

If you have a text from the person you want to send your location, just tap on that text message.  Open the message and then press down on the middle of the screen to get the pop up below.  This is referred to as “force touch”.  You would then tap on Send Location and your location will be sent right away!  It’s just that easy and what a trick to show your friends who have an Apple Watch too!

How the Apple Watch Could be a Life Saver

Here’s the scenario, which I hope you never have to use, you’ve had a car accident and need to contact someone for help.  Your phone however, is on the floor of the car or in your purse and you can’t reach out to get your phone.  You have a couple options.

You can say “Hey Siri” to your watch and ask Siri to call someone in your contacts or even call 911.  I have a Series 1 watch and iPhone 8+ and tested this with my WiFi on and off.  This was a test to make sure the watch used the phone’s cellular option to make the call without WiFi.  The Series 1 is not a cellular enabled watch like the Series 3.

If it’s not too serious, you can use the location option to send a text to anyone in your messages as well.  You can then ask Siri to call the same contact so you can talk to them if you are able.  Here is a link to a previous post for more information on using Siri on the watch. Quick Tip: Siri on Apple Watch

You may think this scenario is not going to happen and I hope it doesn’t.  But if a time comes that you need to make a call or text someone your location, the watch can be a life saver.  You should practice using the watch by setting up your own test with a family member or friend.  Practice, practice, practice!  You’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes, and you’ll look really cool too!  Here is different link to Apple Support about using the watch emergency SOS feature

Quick note: since “Hey Siri” will activate on any device that picks up the command, I suggest leaving only one device with “Hey Siri” on. I turn the other devices to a push or hold option to activate Siri. If your turn off the Hey Siri feature on the watch, then you will need to push to active Siri.

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