Today is about products I use and find to be very high quality.  Sometimes we try a new case or glass cover and it doesn’t live up to the hype.  These two items I’ve purchased for myself and family as well.  However, just to be clear, I have not received anything in the way of payment or product for this recommendation.  I have no affiliation with these two companies and do not plan to in the future.  Except to buy more products!  I also  have no affiliation with Amazon, except my own personal membership.

Note:  prices may be different than what’s shown in the photos.

TechMatte iPhone 8+ Glass Screen Protector

I’ve used TechMatte brand for years on all my phones and now my iPad Pro.   The first time I actually cracked one was this year!  I always get the two pack.  That way if I crack one, I have an immediate back up to replace the cracked screen protector.  Not only is the quality excellent, but the price is amazing.  I purchased on Amazon so the shipping was free too.

TechMatte is easy to install, and the Customer Service is wonderful!  I purchased the phone glass screen protector for my iPhone 8+, but they have screen protectors (glass and non-glass) for a lot of brands including Android and Pixel phones.  I also purchased a glass screen protector for my iPad Pro and love it!



Weekend Update:  My iPhone was having several, random software issues.  Went to the Apple Store and it had to be replaced.  Apple wanted $40 for a glass screen protector!  First thing I did was order a 2 pack of glass screen protectors from TechMatte.  I’ll be VERY careful until it delivers tomorrow!

Spigen iPhone Slim Protection Case

This is a brand I also have been purchasing for years.  I love the quality and the feel.  I don’t know how people hold their phones without using a case! 🤷🏻‍♀️ 📱 The phones are crazy slippery!  I always have a case on my phone and a second case to use when I clean the first one.  I clean them with regular soap and water and dry with a soft cloth.  Make sure to dry inside the rims too.

This case is excellent except for one thing, it does show the scuff marks of pulling it in and out of my purse.  I have the clear one and the rose I believe is the color name.  Both are clear so you can see the phone color and both will scuff up.  The good news is I’d rather it be the case than my actual phone getting that wear and tear!



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