Do You Miss Handwritten Notes?

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Did you know you can make a handwritten note on your iPhone or iPad Pro? You can use your finger tip on both devices.

You know you’ve been some where and needed to jot down a phone number or a date to schedule and no paper or pen in sight!  Now you can use the Notes App on your iPhone or iPad Pro.  The Apple Pencil can be used on the iPad Pro and it’s almost the same feeling as writing on paper.

Note: there are some upgrades coming soon that will enhance this feature even more in the Fall.

Using the Notes App

The Notes App is very easy to use.  You can now add a table, use features to add a box around text, scan a document or take a photo to attach to a note.  You can place an arrow on the note to point out something important.  You can share notes with a family member using iOS 11 software, like a grocery list you both can update.  Even email or text a note to family and friends.

The photos below will give you an outline of how to create a note that’s typed or one that is handwritten.

Photo Information

The red box around the pencil tip is referred to as the “mark up” symbol.  Once you tap it you’ll see a couple pencil tips and different colors to choose from.  The other red box points out the table feature where you can type into each box.  Play around with the other symbols to learn the other features.


When you tap the + sign in the middle of the screen, you can see the options that pop up. You can do any of the options in the red box below.



This is my hand written note using my finger tip.  You can see the different pencil tips and colors at the bottom of the photo that I mentioned earlier.



You can also create a note and “pin” it to the top of your list of notes.  Once you create the note, close it and the pull the title to the right.  You’ll see the orange box with a “push pin”.  When you tap it, the note will stay at the top of the list until you “unpin” the note.  So if you have something you use often to refer to, just pin it to the top!


What Do You Think?

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