Do You Know How to Hide and Password Protect Photos?

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Thanks Christine for a great question!

I received an excellent question from Christine, a new Apple user, and wanted to share the answer with you today.  Christine asked, how can I hide and password protect photos?  I took photos of my ID so I always have them with me even when not carrying a purse.

I think it’s a great idea for anyone!  How many times have you heard someone say, oh I left my wallet at home and don’t have my driver’s license?  My son does it often.  If you’re traveling and lose your purse or wallet or your passport, you could have a photo saved and protected too on your phone.

Please check out the reply below.  Thanks again for a great question Christine.

Hello Christine,

I reviewed a few things and confirmed you can only “hide” a photo in Apple’s Photos app.  However, it would still be seen by anyone who could open your phone and view the “hidden” album.  It is not locked or password protected.
However, a new feature of Apple’s Notes App is the ability to actually lock a note with a password and/or Touch ID.
Here’s what the app looks like on your phone.  Since you are new to Apple, I want to make sure you know which app I’m referring to when I say Notes.

Step by Step Directions

  • Open your Notes app
  • Tap on the bottom right, looks like a pencil on paper, this creates a new note
  • You can name the note here as the first typed line is the title of the note
  • Tap on the + in the middle where you see a tool bar
  • You’ll get a pop up menu, choose Photo Library since you already have taken the photos
  • Choose a photo album or choose All Photos and tap on the ones you want to include in this locked note, you can choose multiple photos
  • Tap on the paper with the up arrow in top right corner next to Done
  • Pop up gives you the option to Lock Note, tap the lock to set the password or Touch ID
  • Now your back at your note, tap the unlocked icon at the top right to finalize locking the note
  • You can test it by tapping View Note

Be aware that each time you unlock the note, you will need to tap on the unlock icon to lock again.  

I hope this has helped you with your question.

What photos would you want to hide/lock?

Do you have other ideas of photos to hide/lock?  Please share them here in comments.  It’s great to see other ways people use the same feature.  Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment, and share on your social media or by email.  Thanks!

Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

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