Hey, Do You Know the Time?

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Do you prefer to use the standard 12 hour time display or military time?  Did you know you have the option to change this setting on your iPhone or iPad?

It’s quick and easy to make the change.  It’s an option I hadn’t thought of because I don’t use military time.  However, since we are close to an Airforce base, those using Apple devices might like to know it’s an option to see the time displayed in military time.

How to Change the Time Setting

  • Tap on Settings
  • Touch the screen and pull the menu down (if you don’t see search bar)
  • Tap in the Search bar at the top
  • Type in Date
  • Date & Time (General) will pop up, tap this option
  • 24-Hour is turned off, just tap the white toggle button to turn on, will turn green
  • Notice when you toggle the on/off button, the display of AM/PM disappears
  • Set Automatically is the default setting on phones, leave this to have time changes automatically when flying or driving to different time zones

That’s it! If you turn on 24-Hour time the AM/PM will disappear at the top of your phone when you are making the change.  However, your lock screen doesn’t display AM/PM in the 12 Hour format so you won’t see any changes on the lock screen.  Except when in 24 Hour format you’ll see 14:00, etc.




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Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

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