Where’s That Text Message?

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Photo by Gabriel Freytez on Pexels.com

Do you text on your phone a lot? Maybe you have a lot of text from that one special person!  They told you a story you want to share with friends, but you can’t find it.  You can easily find the information by using a Search bar in your Text messages!

Sorry my photo is messy, but I had names and phone numbers in my lists of text so I had to black them out.  But you’ll see the Search bar at the top.

Step by Step

  • Open your Text Messages
  • Search bar is at the top, if you don’t see it, touch the screen and pull down
  • Type in the Search bar a word that’s in the text you’re looking for or the name of the person who sent the text
  • Play around in the Search bar to see what you can find and how easy it was



What Do You Think?

I’ll be honest, I just remembered this myself last night!  There are so many options you can do on your iPhone it’s easy to let some slip out of the memory bank.

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Thanks for taking time to read my posts!

Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

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