Psst! Secret iPhone Tip Revealed


Did you know there is a Compass on the iPhone?  Well it’s there, but I don’t know anyone who has ever used it!  That’s not even the secret!  The Level feature is the secret!  Yes, inside the Compass is a level so forget about that old photo above!

To find the level, you can pull down on any screen to see the Search bar at the top.  Type in Compass.  Open the Compass and swipe left and there’s your level!

The photos below show what you’ll see when holding the Level up against the wall.  The second photo shows the circles.  The number represents how off the item is from being level.  The circles are used when on flat surface.




What Do You Think?

So tell me if you knew about the Compass or the Level feature in the comments.  Then tell me if you’ve used the Level and how it worked for you!







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