Have You Forgotten to Return an Important Call? Stop, Read This!

Remind Me Feature Using iPhoneNote: this screen is only seen when your phone is unlocked.

I’m sure you’ve seen this screen a hundred times.  But do you know what happens if you tap “Remind Me” when a call comes in?  Let’s talk about how this little reminder can mend broken relationships or make your mother cry tears of joy!  I know, a little dramatic, but so true if you actually remember to call someone back when you said you would, right???📱

Remind Me

When your phone is unlocked and you receive a call, you can tap “Remind Me” to notify you to call the person one hour later, when you leave (your current location), or when you get home.  I was home when I received this call, that’s why that option doesn’t show.  You will see the name of the call at the top of the screen. I edited out the caller’s name and photo for privacy.

Tapping “Remind Me” will automatically decline the call and set a reminder in the Reminders app!  If you’d like to know more on using the Reminders app or need to set it up, here’s a link to a previous post Reminders: Never Forget Again!



Open Up the Reminders App

Let’s say you tapped on “In 1 hour”.   One hour from the time of the call, you’ll receive a notification to Call (name).  This feature only works if  you have Reminders set up in Settings.  Step by step directions are in the link posted above about the Reminder app.  You will not receive reminders if you skip the set up portion.

When you receive the reminder notification, tap on it, then tap on the circle to the left of the text to “complete” the reminder.  If you want to check when the reminder is set for the call back, open Reminders app, click on Scheduled and you’ll see when the notification will be received.

Message Option

To the right of the Remind Me, you’ll see the Message option.  There are several screen shots needed for me to post using that option, so that will be tomorrow’s post!  Come back and see how to make a “Custom” message.  For example, “Yes, I’ll be home soon” or “No, I don’t have any extra $ for you” or “ Did you do your homework?” or my favorite “LUCU” means love you see you❤️.  As you can see, I have a 20 something at home for the summer and these are my usual replies! 😂

What Do You Think?

Let me know if this post helped you or you shared with someone else.  Please share on your social media and email too!  Thanks for stopping by to read and if you have a question, click on the Ask A Question tab at the top.




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