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Good Morning, Time for Reblog

It’s Saturday morning and instead of sleeping in, I decided to search for a great post to reblog!  Mobile photography gets a lot of grief sometimes, but it’s so convenient.   If you take the time to learn how it acutally works, I think you’ll love it too.  Jessica at This Blessed House gives great advice and list a few apps to try as well.  She also has lots of other interesting subjects too.  Check out her site!

Great information on mobile photography!  Have a great weekend everyone!







Read more of the post on the original site at the bottom of this photo.

Now for most bloggers they have a nice fancy camera they can take their photos with. But for others that don’t have the money for an expensive camera we make due with what we have. I take all my photos and edit all of mine from my iPhone. Most of my old post were taken […]

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2 thoughts on “Reblog Today! iPhone Photography — thisblessedhouse

  1. That’s a very helpful post. I’ve stopped using the SLR since the smart phones arrived. Easy to carry and great pictures anytime and every time. Most of my pics these days are taken using the mobile. The tips in this blog will definitely help us take better pictures. Thank u.

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