Top Bands for Apple Watch

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So you have a new Apple Watch or you’ve had one for awhile (or a few days 😊) and want to spruce it up with a new band!

Of course Apple has lots of bands.  I honestly think the quality is excellent, but they are pretty expensive.

Today I’m posting how to change the bands and  an awesome place to buy bands.

Changing Bands

One thing I love about changing bands is that it takes 5 seconds to change both bands! When you want to remove a band, you push down on the “tab” in the middle of where the band would be placed.  I placed a red box around the “tab” to indicate the specific area to press.  Once you press down, you can slide the band out.  It’s that easy!  To put the new band in, just slide it through and it will stop on it’s own.  You do not need to press the “tab” to put a new band on the watch.

The photos below show the connector piece in black and silver.  The “middle” connector is a different color than the other two connectors.  Easiest to see on the black/red band.  This is what you should consider the “wrong” side.  If you slide the band into the watch and it doesn’t catch, mostly likely all you have to do is turn it over and try again.ED430B3B-534F-46B0-8305-3835C314F604


Clockwork Synergy

Once again, to clarify, I have paid for all of my bands and am not affiliated Clockwork Synergy.  Just want to share their awesome bands and they have wonderful customer service.  I even shared their FB page with the Apple Store employees when I was there recently 😂 and they loved the page.  I know Amazon is a great place to buy very inexpensive bands, however the quality isn’t as good.  I’ve bought a couple of the rubber type with pretty designs and lets say after a few times of wearing them I’ve had a rash.  Some I’ve thrown them away after 6 months.

Favorite Bands

When I ordered the black/red band, I made the buckle and connector different colors, you could actually see the change on the website before you ordered one.  That’s another reason I keep going back to buy from them, their website is amazing!

The photos below are of bands that I’ve purchased.  One from the Apple store, far left in a rose/beige color.  The rest are from Clock Synergy.  The bands are referred to as NATO and the solid dark red as a RAF band.  The Apple band is the rubber type.  You can see they come in different colors, solids and stripes.  They are about half the price of Apple bands and the quality is excellent.  I recently cleaned the striped ones with regular soap and water and let them dry.  They look amazing now!  I’ve had them all over a year, except the Apple band I’ve had about 2 weeks.



Below are two photos the black connector on the silver watch.


This photo if you look to the right, you can see I had started to remove the band and didn’t have it “catch” in place.  Always make sure by jiggling the band that it is secure.


What Do You Think?

How many bands do you have?  Do you have a favorite place to buy bands?

Please leave your comments below or tap on the Ask A Question tab and I’ll get an answer to you typically the same day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

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