Fun Photo Tip-Do Your Photos Move?

Image Credit: Pixaby

Have you ever received a photo in your messages, or saved one from an email?  You open the photo to get a better look and it keeps changing direction?

Apple calls this “Portrait Orientation”.  I call it very annoying!😡  Today we solve this problem!

Portrait Orientation: Easy Way to Lock the Photo

What a mouthful to say, “Do you have Portrait Orientation lock on?”  Huh??? Sure would be a lot easier to explain and to say,  “Do you want to stop your photos from moving?”  YES!!!  See I prefer the easy way.  So just to clarify which direction it’s referred to by Apple, I’ve included landscape and portrait orientation views below.

Landscape view                                                                       Portrait view



How to Stop Photos from Moving!

  • Swipe up from the bottom to open the Control Center
  • I have Portrait Orientation Lock: On  (see photo below)
  • To lock or unlock the Portrait Orientation, simply tap on the “lock” with an arrow around it
  • Tap the top of the screen again and Control Center will close
  • If you decide to watch a video, you may need to “unlock” Portrait Orientation so you can turn the phone in landscape view
  • You can leave Portrait Orientation locked indefinitely and unlock only when needed or lock it only when needed
  • Try it and see which way you like better, it’s completely up to you


What Do You Think?

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