Surprise-Discount Code for You!

6B9D8A23-9199-46DF-AFEE-839A8B4A4ABBSpecial Discount For You!

Received a wonderful surprise from Clockwork Synergy today!  Here’s the link to the original post if you need to read again.  Top Bands for Apple Watch

So happy to share they contacted me on Twitter and offered readers 20% off until August 31st!  Plus it’s free shipping in the US!  The discount applies to their entire website, not only Apple Watch bands.  There’s a lot to see there so check them out now.   Here is the link to their site Clockwork Synergy Website.  Note: you can see the color changes once you put the item in the cart.   If not happy with the color choices, then delete from cart. I have notified them and they are working on this issue on their site.  

Discount Code

The discount code is for all who visit Clockwork Synergy and enter the code MOMTECH20,  even me!  I’ve already ordered a band for my Apple Watch which is shown in the photo above.  I love to wear black & white so I decided to order PVD black for the connector and buckle on the solid white 2-piece NATO band.

Thanks to all my readers for continuing to support and share my tips and how to’s!  Now jump on over to Clockwork Synergy and get your discount today!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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