Share Your WiFi, But Not Your Password


CF4BF987-15CA-43E1-B511-FB481BF65CDEWhen you have friends or family members over, you’re bound to hear, what’s your WiFi password?

However, you don’t want to tell just anyone your actual password right?  Think of your kids or grandkids and all their friends asking for your password!  So here’s a quick way to do just that (requires iOS 11 software update).


How to Share Your WiFi Password

Both phones (or iPad) must be using iOS 11.0.  You can find what software you are using in Settings.  Check out this previous post, Settings = Information

Once your guest is there, have them tap on Settings, then Wi-Fi.   They may need to tap on your WiFi name or it may automatically send your phone a pop up to give permission to share your WiFi!  That’s all there is to this sharing of passwords in your home!CB61DDB4-3D2F-4A17-86B4-63B75A091061

What Do You Think?

If you use this tip and it’s helped, let me know in the comments below.  Please share on your social media and email too!

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