Reblog! 7 Ways You Can Promote Your Blog For Free


via 7 Ways You Can Promote Your Blog For Free

Reblog Saturday, click on the link above to get connected to someone I thought you would like. It’s not really Apple related, but we connected by way of his post asking for help with how his site was viewed on an iPad Pro!

I connected with Hugh a few months ago. I’m still early in the blogging world and he has a lot of great tips on blogging.   I’ve also read his book Glimpses, multiple short stores and it was awesome.

Hope you enjoy reading something different today.  Check out Hugh’s work on his blog today!

Thanks for stopping by today!



5 thoughts on “Reblog! 7 Ways You Can Promote Your Blog For Free

  1. Thank you so much for sharing a link to one of my recent blog posts and for those lovely comments in the introduction to me and my blog, Debbie. I appreciate it very much and am so glad you enjoyed reading my book Glimpses. I’m hoping to publish Glimpses 2 in October.
    Have a super weekend. 🌞

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    1. My pleasure Hugh! I’m excited to know you’re publishing another Glimpses book! I’m sure there are other bloggers who will find your tips just as useful and then get a bonus of enjoying your writing as well. Enjoy your weekend too!

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