Do You Hate Ads? Turn Them Off!

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Annoying Ads

Have you ever searched for a specific pair of shoes on Amazon and the next few days you see several ads on Facebook for the same or similar shoes?  I hate when that happens!😡  This is referred to as “cross over tracking” of your search history.  So whatever you search can be linked into another app like Facebook or Twitter to show you ads for similar items.  Do you know how many “new animal product” ads pop up because I’ve watched 100’s of cat videos?  😹😹😹

Reduce/Stop Ads

This is something I did when I first got my phone, but was reminded of it today on a video I watched on YouTube and wanted to share it with you.  Keep in mind, with the new iOS 12 coming out in the next few weeks, this may change or need to be turned back on after the new software update.  But for now you can try this tip to reduce ad pop ups!

Open Settings, scroll down and tap on Safari.  Here you’ll see several options.  Today we are going to focus on the section titled “PRIVACY & SECURITY”.  Scroll down until you see “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” and tap the button to turn on the feature.

You can see I also have Fraudulent Website Warning.  A warning will pop up telling you to be aware the site you are looking for may be “impersonating” another site.  Never bypass this warning if you receive one.  Just close or cancel the search.



Clear History and Website Data

This is also seen in the photo.  If you choose this option, you will clear all websites as well as any passwords and user ID’s you may have saved.  If you tap that link, a pop up will tell you all you are deleting and ask again if you want to delete the information.

It’s sometimes used if you have an issue searching to clear all the junk out, but you won’t know if it cleared something you needed until you go looking for it again.  Use this with caution.

Thanks for Stopping By!

Let me know if you turn on this feature and if you see less ads!  Did you know this feature even was available?  Let me know what you think and also don’t forget to share these posts with friends and family on social media or by email.



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