Great Tips Using USB Cables


Updates will be coming soon for most, if not all, devices.  Phones, iPads, Apple Watch, Macs, and Apple TV’s.

If you haven’t read the previous post on updating, here is the original post General Tips: Software Updates, WAIT! and an update based on a question from a reader. Ask A Question: Update to Update Post .

More Tips on Updating

  • If you are updating wirelessly, your device is required to be at least 50% charged.  However, if you are close to that and it goes below 50% while updating, your update may stop.
  • Updating with an Apple USB cable or one that’s been certified by Apple, can make a difference.  The cables may look the same, but they can be very different.  I recommend using the original cord, when possible, for older devices.
  • To confirm which cable you need, you can contact your local Apple store or their website for direction.
  • Take a look at all the different cables that can be purchased through Apple or Amazon.  I’m giving you this site for informational purposes only.  I have no affiliation with Apple or Amazon for any purchases made.  Amazon Basics Certified Charging Cables.   Apple Device Accessories
  • I also recommend getting the longer, 6’ cables.  It’s just so much easier than the 3’ length that comes with the device.  Make your life easy using your mobile devices, not restricted to that corner chair by the outlet!

More On Updates To Come

As September approaches you may hear a lot about different and new options available for all of Apple’s devices.  Don’t believe what you hear and see until it’s been announced by Apple.  People have been writing stories since the last Apple conference in June as to what the “new/next” devices will look like and what they will be able to do.

I’m looking forward to the next conference and then providing you with lots of new information!

Thanks for stopping by today!




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