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Activity on your Apple Watch can do a lot more than you may think.  Plus you have options when setting up the watch that you should review before exercising.

Setting Up Your Apple Watch

Don’t skip the most important step of calibrating your watch.  Especially, if your main form of exercise is walking or running!   I’ve included a link below from Apple which explains the steps better than I ever could. 😂

Heart Rate (HR) Monitor

One of the most important functions of the watch is to monitor your heart rate.  There are a few steps you need to take to make sure of it’s accuracy.  Studies have shown the HR detection to be 97% accurate.  Plus so many stories are out there of the watch saving a life.  All you have to do is Google “Apple Watch saves a life” and you’ll see all kinds of ways people are crediting the watch for saving them or a family member.

You can set your HR to send you a warning when it reaches a set rate.  This alarm is used to sense when the HR is “active” verse “at rest”.  If you set your HR at 130 bpm (beats per minute), then you will only receive the alert if you are resting and your rate goes up to the 130bpm.  Everyone has a different HR based on their activity level already.  If you’re a runner, your HR will most likely be lower than a non-runner.  Many conditions can affect the heart, which in turns, affects your HR.

Make sure to read the article at the link below to get a better idea of how the HR is being used, where to find your readings, and what to do if you think your readings are high.

Apple Watch Activity Accuracy

Thanks for stopping by today.  Life has been a little crazy last few days, so I’m posting this article later than usual.  Tomorrow’s post is related to this one as well.  Make sure to read both as they go hand-in-hand.

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This post is not intended to be considered medical advice. 

18 thoughts on “Apple Watch Activity

    1. The new watches with cell call using data is not really to replace your phone. The watch can do a lot of things really well. Tracking your heart rate is one of them. So with your current medical conditions, it’s possible that an alert from the watch would give you an early earring that something isn’t going well. Just to tell time, no it’s not a good investment to me. Let me find an article that tells how people use the watch in daily life.

      I typically have my phone in my purse or on my desk at work. I use it to control turning music volume up/down, change songs. I use it to see text messages discreetly and any other notifications you get in your phone. I check the weather, I can quickly look and see when my next appointment is for the day and set alarms or timers.

      Mainly it’s convenient to not have to pull my phone out from where more it is. I think it’s great for the heart rate. Eventually, Apple is working on monitoring blood pressure. Also blood sugar without a needle stick. That’s maybe 5+, I’m guessing, but it’s so exciting. I’m on my second one and waiting for the new one to come out to see if I can afford it. 😂

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      1. Wow! I didn’t know it can have so many functions, very interesting. With my condition being on my feet – waking for too long, gets me feeling hot, feeling like I’m on the verge of passing out and my heart like it’s going to jump out of my chest.
        Which watch would you recommend – I’m thinking my birthday gift come November ☺️

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        1. Yes with any condition that affects your heart rate, I believe it’s good to monitor your heart rate. I’m not a medical person, but the watch has multiple studies and it’s 97% accurate, that’s amazing. 😊 yes definitely a happy birthday. For my 60th BD, I bought my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Apple Smart Keyboard. Best gift ever!! 😂

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        1. I have the series 1 now. You can see and reply to text messages. You can use “scribble” to write out a very short reply. You can set multiple auto replies you choose from. Example: on my way home, see you in 30 minutes.

          You can say anything in these messages even use emojis 😂. You can also send an emoji as a reply. I’m not sure what state you are in, those with no texting while driving laws, include texting on the watch. Best part is you can reply by saying your text. Once you open the text, you scroll down and reply options are there. Microphone is one of them. Hope this helps. Again I would start looking for sales of the current watches. If you are 100% sure you don’t want the new watch, then you should buy on sale. Always check return date because some are 7/10 days some are 30.

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        2. One more thing, to be completely transparent, the Series 1 will probably have another 2-3 years of being able to update with new software. The original watch is no longer able to update to new software and that was out in 2015. Doesn’t mean it won’t work at all, just means the new functions won’t work and maybe some of the old ones as well. I believe once the event happens, Apple is going to all the watches being cell calls enabled. I think it’s just where the technology is going. For now, I’m keeping my S1 until I see what happens with the new watches. Although, it sure has been so tempting and I’m going to have watch envy when they are out I’m sure. So many new things coming out on the watch too.

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          1. Yes, it incredible to know all the features they have! I read the article you sent me and it’s amazing! Thank you! I already go my husband about the watch, he said yes! I’ve always been interest in the watch just haven’t known too much to actually get one. 😊🙌🏽

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            1. Yay! Review some videos on YouTube also to see all it can do. Check out the series 3 too. That way you can compare. Make sure they are current date though, there is a lot of old information out there. Most current software is watchOS 4.3.2

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