Close Your Rings!

rose gold aluminum case apple watch with white sports band
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Have you wondered, how do I close those darn rings?  The Stand ring has been one that’s hard for me to close since I have a full time desk job.  But I still try to get up and stretch even if I can’t leave my desk to walk around a little.

The name, Stand ring is a little misleading.  It’s not just stand, it’s move around for 1 minute also.

Help with What the Rings Mean

Each ring is designed to really get you moving.  Stand, Exercise, Move.  They look really good when they are closed.  Plus it’s motivating to see you only have 10 minutes left to close a ring!

The link below to Apple’s Support Pages gives you the best description of what each ring means.  It also gives you a few more links inside the article that gives more detail.

Apple Watch Close Your Rings

Hope this helps you determine if there is a better way to move to get those rings closed!

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