Apple Watch: What’s A Complication?

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I know another Apple Watch post!  However, it’s because the most anticipated new release this month with the event on 9/12/18 is Watch 4 with watchOS 5!  One is in my future, but I wanted to make sure you have as much information as possible to make the best decision for you!  Here is a link also that shows a comparison of the Apple Watch as it is today.  Read carefully, as the differences impact the price and the functions.   Apple Watch Comparison as of 9/9/18

Usually you think of a “complication” as a problem or something that’s gone wrong.  Leave it to Apple to change the context of the word completely!  Sort of like “wallpaper” Wallpapers the Choice is Yours

Complications On Your Watch

Think of a “complication” as feature/option of each watch face.  Each watch face has it’s own specificiplaces to put a complication.  Also, which complication can go in each space.  The complication may be available in one area but not in another.

Each complication (remember think feature/option) is only added IF the developer who wrote the watch app creates one.  So not every watch app has a complication.  If it does have one, it will automatically download as an option for you to select.

Examples of Complications

Below are photos of different complications on my watch.  Plus the watch face I use most often, Modular.   The first one is a screenshot of my watch.  The time is the only set function on this watch face.


I have labeled each complicate.  The top left is Workout.  The middle is Calendar.  The bottom three are Messages, Activity, and Date.  You can fit a lot on this watch face.  Some watch faces have only two or three complications.

Photos below are from my iPhone.  To change or see what complications and watch faces are available, you need to use your Watch App on the iPhone.


How to Find Complications

Open the Watch App on your iPhone.  Tap on Complications and you’ll find a list of complications based on the apps you have downloaded from the App Store for the watch.   Again, keep in mind that not all watch apps have a complication.  The watch also comes preset with lots of watch apps that won’t be listed here.  This is only for apps you have downloaded.


Select “My Watch”

This will show you the current watch face you have on your watch.  Mine is called Modular watch face.  The color I have selected is Multicolor, otherwise you can select a solid color to match your outfit!

In the next two photos, under Complications, you see the position and the app chosen.  Tap that position and you will be shown a list of available complications for that space.  Again, it is specific to the space.  As you make your choices, you’ll see the watch face change right away on the phone’s screen.  It does not change the watch face until you make that choice.  If you don’t like the way you see the different complications, then you can easily change them here.



Save The Watch Face & Multiple Faces

Once you are happy with your watch face and the complications, scroll down and you’ll see the screen below. Tap on ”Set as current watch face”.


Here you can see you can have multiple watch faces already set under “MY FACES”.  I believe you can have up to 10 different faces.  Once you find something you like, you can select it here anytime.

Surprise tip here, once you have the watch on, you can swipe left or right to change the watch face!  It’s a little touchy, but once you get the hang of it you’ll see it’s fun do to.


What’s Next?

Next is the Apple event on 9/12 at 1pm EST of course!  I’m planning to watch the beginning on my lunch break.  If there is something I can’t wait to post, I’ll have my iPad with me and post as soon as it’s announced!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Remember to share with your family and friends using your social media or by emailing too!  If you have any questions, click on the Ask A Question tab about.

Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

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