Apple’s Event


73ABFF75-2A82-426B-AF8B-93D5D3CD782AWow! I was only able to watch the Apple Watch 4 presentation and I fell in love with the watch all over again!

The addition of Fall detection and ability to record an EKG was way more than I expected.  Plus the watch function is FDA approved!  That’s a huge accomplishment for Apple.  This will be an amazing tool for patients to keep their physicians informed.  I hate when you’ve been sick and your symptoms disappear the morning of your appointment!

Below is a link that has lots of information shown during the event, as well as stories they didn’t show.

Click on Health and scroll down to see people who tell their story of how the Apple Watch saved their life. They are powerful! I’ve heard lots of stories on a podcast I listen to, but the one of the teen and his dad made me hold my breath!

Apple Watch 4

iPhone Update

I have a lot to read and watch regarding the iPhone. I couldn’t keep up with the different names, sizes, and functions.  After checking Apple’s website, there still is an option to buy the iPhone 7 and 8 including a plus in each version.  However, I don’t know what they will do once the phones actually are available.  Check out Apple’s website here.  Apple’s Website

iOS 12 Software

This is the new software for iPhones and iPads.  It looks awesome and I can’t wait to read about it this weekend.  Here is a link for you to review and start asking questions!  iOS 12 Software

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