Software Updates for Apple

Image Credit: Pixaby

Software Updates READ the Links Below Before Updating

Well it’s been a very busy week for me and Apple! 😂  I’m still reading and watching videos to give you the most accurate information.  I’ll be in training classes next week, but plan to update at night.

Just to be sure you know how serious I am about updating, I will NOT update until Thursday!!!  It will be soooooo hard, I mean really hard, but I’ll be searching the internet during breaks and reaching out to tech groups I follow to see if they have heard of any issues.  If there are major issues (BRICKING) it will be all over the internet and the news.

Read these earlier posts regarding updates here.   General Tips: Software Updates, WAIT!   A long time follower KC, asked a question about updating, which prompted this update to the updates.  Ask A Question: Update to Update Post

Today I have links to the new software updates that will be available on Monday, September 17th.   First, yes I’m a total Apple fan, but you have to admit the presentations are just awesome.  Read the information, but also really look at all the images.  The images give you just as much inforamtion as the text.

What’s next?  Get your questions ready for me. I’ll be waiting and ready!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! 👩🏻‍💻

Apple iPhone and iPad Software iOS12

Apple Watch Software watchos5

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