iOS 12 Quick Update

Updated iPhone and iPad Today

Morning everyone! I’m back from training and updated this morning. I didn’t have any issues. What about you? Have you updated your devices? Any issues you have had or seen others have? Let me know!

This will be quick as I need to get to work! As you can see in photo below, the first thing I noticed was the bolder “predictive” text.

Predictive text is the text that shows when you start typing. It’s predicting what word you might want so you can tap on the word. Maybe Apple just made the background a darker gray, I’m not sure. I am sure that I LOVE IT!!!❤️❤️

Try it and see if you notice the difference. It’s in most every app that you free text/type like Notes, text messages, emails, everywhere!

I’m working on a post for later today about a lot of new options in marking up photos! Notice the purple in photo above? That wasn’t an option before. Stay tuned for more to come today.

Thanks for stopping by!


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