Messages and Photos Update

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With every new update there will be changes in how you find something or where it “lives” now.  I just found this one last night and wanted to share it with you today.

There’s a bonus in the photo below too.  If you figure it out before reading the post, let me know in the comments.  Come on Apple, it’s been a long time coming for this change! 👩🏻‍💻🤦🏻‍♀️📱

Update on Finding Photos in Messages

In a previous post on how to easily find photos in messages, there has been a small change.  But like traditional Apple updates, if something is missing, just tap someplace else on the screen!  Here’s the previous article to review as it’s still correct, except the “i”  in the top right corner is gone!  Looking For Photos in Text Messages?

In Messages app, the purple arrow points to the area where you can “tap” to access information.  The pop up shows you can make an actual phone call by tapping audio.  You can tap FaceTime, or tap the “i” for info.

This is where the images associated with this text message string will be found.  Tap in that area again and the pop up disappears.  Notice the little > next to the name will change from an open to close position.  The directions are the same as the previous post after you find the info button.

Bonus:  Did you find it?

Ok, congrats if you did, but if not here it is!  For all your family and friends who still insist on using Androids, the obnoxious lime green with white letters is GONE!! It’s dark green and for my old eyes, is a major improvement!  Thanks Apple, but really why did it take sooooooo long???🤣


New Posts

Lots of reading and testing to do with new iOS 12 for the phone and watchOS5 for the watch.  I’m just getting back from training and will start working on more updates this weekend to post next week.

I’m going to post short updates like this because it can be very overwhelming to try and learn it all in one long post.

If you have any specific questions about iOS 12 updates, let me know in the comments below or tap “Ask A Question” above.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to share with your family and friends using the social media icons below.



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