Where Have You Been?


This is not new to iOS 12.  It’s been there, but I just learned about it a couple weeks ago from a podcast I listen to about Apple devices.

First things first, the information on your device is encrypted and can’t be read by Apple.  It is stored only on your device.  I’m sure there are many who won’t believe this to be true and there won’t be anything said here to try and convince you one way or the other.  If your location services is turned off, you should not have any history.

How to Find Where You’ve Been

If you want to see where you’ve been on your iPhone go to settings>privacy>location services>system services>significant locations.  You’ll need to scroll down in a couple areas, but you’ll find it easily.  You’ll see where you’ve been and you can turn it off here too.

Here are the screenshots to follow.  Once you are on the last step, you’ll need to use your fingerprint ID or your passcode. 👩🏻‍💻



So Where Have You Been?


I may have been watching too many crime related shows recently, but I think this would be good to help “prove” where you’ve been!  Not that I’m committing a crime or anything🤣, but it could also be used to recall where you bought something last week.

Ok, maybe when you get my age you’ll think of needing help with your memory differently.  Thanks for stopping by today!


3 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. Pretty interesting! I know of one man who was convicted of a crime because he used some sort of location thing on his phone when he took a photo. The police had him right at the scene and even what time he was there!

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