New Apple iPhones


Today’s post is about the new iPhones.  One thing Apple does very well, is update their website!  Here is a link to their site for you to read and watch the videos.  Apple iPhones

There is an option that you can do a side by side comparison of your current phone and a new iPhone. You can compare all the specs just by scrolling. Here is a link that compares the models. iPhone Comparisons

I’ve heard a lot of hype about the MAX iPhone.  Make sure if you choose to upgrade your phone, that you actually hold one in your hands.  Even check that it fits in the pants pocket or your purse pocket before making a decision.  You might tell one of the employees you’re testing if it fits first 🤣

Even if the phone isn’t available to take home the same day, you’ll be able to see and hold one in an Apple Store.  Plus they can help you with pairing devices and what works with what.

Here’s A Little Information

Take a look at the screenshot below.  All three phones are basically the same size.  The Max refers to the screen display size, not the actual phone.

424FF369-886E-4C83-80E3-CD8A9E0E7822In the next screenshot, you can see the XS Max has the “notch” that the 10 from last year has as well.  I think if Apple would have decided to somehow remove the “notch” A LOT of people who bought the 10 last year would be really mad!  If you notice, on the first photo the background is black on the XS Max.  Apple should just fix this issue, especially for those of us (me) who have issues with things not being symmetrical and lined up straight! 😂


The following screenshots I’ve circled some of the important differences in the phones.  Take a look and you’ll see there isn’t much difference in size.  There is a difference in the processing capability in the new phones since they have the newest chips.  Also some camera differences which I plan to review soon.


The Big Question!

Will you upgrade and get a new iPhone?  Personally, I’m not eligible yet for a new phone, but I have the 8+ so I’m not seeing anything new that I must have.  I am working on a way to buy the new Apple Watch 4 with GPS!  ⌚️

What about you?  Do you plan to upgrade your phone? Make sure to leave your comments here and include what you have now and what you plan purchase next.

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5 thoughts on “New Apple iPhones

  1. I’m really unsure what to do at the moment, Debbie. I own my iPhone 6 but have been looking at the iPhone XS. However, the iPhone XR is the one that is grabbing my attention, especially as it comes in more colour choices (plus, it’s cheaper at only £749 for the 64GB). I’m going to wait until the XR becomes available and probably make a decision then.
    Thanks for the info.

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    1. It’s the big question for a lot of people. I just added this on my post.

      It compares the phones side by side. I think going from a 6 you’d be happy with any of the phones. Not much is out there yet on the R because it’s pending release.

      I waited too long on the watch and now can’t get one until Oct 15-20th! I can’t find one I want even within a 250 mile radius! Crazy!

      You might want to preorder when it opens right away then after researching just cancel if you change your mind. That way at least you’re in the first group to order. 😊

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      1. I’m keeping my eye on when I can order the XR. At the moment I’m only able to see the colour choices and prices. I believe pre-ordering will start mid-Oct.
        Good luck with finding an Apple Watch series 4 you can order quickly. Here in the UK, you’d have to wait until sometime between Oct 29th – Nov 5th to get one.

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        1. Yes the pre-order date is October 19th. I’ve been told if you use the Apple Store shopping app, you get in the ordering process quicker than using Apple’s website. After reading more about it, I think you will really be happy with the XR!

          I’ve ordered, but not the first day. I still was trying to sell my current Apple Watch. Once I sold it, I ordered. Delivery is 10/19-10/29! 😊

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