Help-Need Your Input!



Would You Help A Blogger Out?

I really need your help!  Most of the posts I write about are typically based on iPhone 6, 7, and 8.  Any S or plus version.   The Apple Watch posts have been based on the series 0, 1, and 2.  Recently, I’ve been posting about the new Apple Watch 4 and the new software iOS 12.

What would really help me with what comes next on my blog is, knowing what YOU are using as your device on a regular basis.  This will help me to research and write about information that will help YOU.  This blog is about what YOU need to make your mobile devices easier for YOU to use.


So here’s what I’d like to know.  Please put your responses in the comments below.  You can write it out, iPhone 6s or just 6s.  Either way is fine.  For the watch you can comment watch and the number, watch2 for example.

If you have other devices than what’s listed below, let me know in your comment.😊

  1. Which iPhone do you use?  iPhone 6, 7, 8, or 10 

  2. Which Apple Watch do you use?  Original/Series 0,  Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, or new Series 4

  3. If you plan to update, what do you plan to buy?

Thanks for your help, as it will help me to make this blog more of what you need!  The questions will be up for the next two weeks for your input!  Then I’ll compile and then update you on where the blog will go next.


24 thoughts on “Help-Need Your Input!

    1. Great I’ll do some research on the iPhone R. Sad to see you won’t be keeping your Apple Watch ⌚️even just as a great watch. I only sold my original to buy the next one. Ow I’ve sold my series 1 to buy the new series 4. It should be deliver at the end of the month. 😊

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        1. That has been a problem for others too. I don’t know if the list view would work better for you if you want to give it a shot. You press down or “force touch” on the watch face. Grid or List view should pop up. Choose List view and then you can scroll through using the Digital Crown and it’s much easier to select an app in this view. Just a thought. 😊

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