iPhone and iPad Charging Issues


Have you been having issues charging since you updated to iOS 12?  There will be a fix coming from Apple soon.  Not sure of a specific date, but I’ll keep you posted.

Charging Issues

There have been enough people with charging issues that Apple is working on a fix in the next iOS update.  The issues have varied and seem to be hit and miss with other users.  I haven’t experienced any of these issues myself.

Some people reported they plugged the charging cable into the phone and wall, but the charging would not start until they tapped and “woke up” the screen.   Others have plugged into the phone and wall and nothing happens.  They unplugged and tried again and it was fine.

What you should do first, is check that your cable is not frayed or broken on either end.  Next check the outlet to make sure it’s working.  Plug in a lamp or something else to make sure it’s working.  Lastly, turn your phone off and back on again.  This usually fixes lots of issues.  Acutally, I’m putting a reminder on my phone to turn off/on every day.  Today a coworker tried to call me.  She text me that she was going directly to voice mail.  I’d been on my phone earlier with no issues.  So I check and had 4 missed calls from her! I tried to call her back and the phone function wouldn’t work at all.  Never seen this before, but turned it off/on and it’s fine.  Lots of processing going on with phones, so it’s no wonder.

Watch for the Next Update

You should receive a notice on your phone, or other device, when the next update is available.

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If you haven’t already, please answer the two questions on my Friday post regarding your device and plans to upgrade.  Here’s the post again to add your input.  Help-Need Your Input!

It will greatly help me with the direction I go with my future posts.  Remember to share with your family and friends too!

Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

2 thoughts on “iPhone and iPad Charging Issues

  1. No issues with charging my iPhone or iPad, Debby. Plus, when I downloaded IOS 12, any updates on both devices are now automatically done. That saves me having to remember to check if there are any updates available and also gets rid of that annoying red symbol that tells me there’s an alert, update, or notification. Only annoying to me because I just have to get rid of them. I like a nice clean screen. 😀

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    1. Glad to hear that you’re not having issues. I’m not and really haven’t found that anyone around me is either. I know the updates are sent to devices, but not all at once. I didn’t have the notification, but when I checked updates it was there. Lots of changes I’ll be writing about soon for iOS 12.

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