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Have you wondered why your battery runs out earlier some days than others? Now you can see what apps you are using the most and how they are draining your battery power.

How to Check Your Battery Health and Usage

What is battery health?  When you look at this setting, you’ll see maximum capacity that your battery is able to charge.  This is especially helpful when you have an older phone.  If you are only able to charge up to 50% capacity, the Peak Performance Capability will most likely recommend when or if to change your battery.

First, you’ll need to go to settings.


Scroll down to Battery



Here you’ll find several options to review.

  • Battery Percentage: turn this on and the battery icon will show in the top of your iPhone or iPad as a visual for a quick look as to the percentage of charge you have remaining.
  • Low Power Mode: turn this on and it will temporarily stop some functions in the background.  Example is “fetching” downloading your most current email.  If your battery is low, you’ll get a pop up asking if you want the device to go into low power mode.
  • Battery Health: you can click here to find out the amount your battery is charging.
  • Last 24 Hours/Last 10 Days:  click one of these to see your usage over 24 hours or the last 10 days.


Battery Health Photo of options


Scroll down on the section with Last 24 hours/Past 10 days and you’ll get a percentage of what apps you have been using and which has drained your battery the most.  Some apps may drain your battery at a faster rate.

This is really an amount of how much power the app drained your battery this time, not a percentage of how much time you spent on the app.   FaceBook may have drained 38% of my battery, but next time if I just scroll through and not watch any videos, it may only use 10% of my battery.

Screen time (not shown here) is a new feature that actually shows you how much time you spend on your device and what apps you are using most often.


Need Your Input

If you haven’t already, please check out this post and answer 3 short questions about the device you are using so I can continue to write about what you need.  Help-Need Your Input!

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