Best Battery Quick Tip

Screen Time in iOS 12

Some have reported that they are seeing their battery drain faster now that they have updated to iOS 12 software. Have you noticed this?

Here’s a tip I read about yesterday. Screen Time is a great feature for getting some perspective on how much time your or your kids are spending on “screens”. However, there are users who are reporting it’s draining their battery.

Try this, go to Settings, Screen Time and turn it off. You’ll get a pop up asking if you really want to turn it off, click yes and that’s it.

Now monitor your battery thorough out the day and see if you are getting longer battery time than before. Here’s another post on battery charging tips to try as well Battery Tips

Extra Note

Apple has released iOS 12.0.1 software update. You should have already received a notice that you have an update pending. This one is small but was created to fix an issues people had charging. There are other small fixes too, so it’s a great idea to update to the newest version. 😊

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